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I have over 25 years training and teaching experience specialising in designing bespoke training for both independent and corporate clients. I have a global coaching client base including the United Kingdom, Jordan, South Africa, Australia and America.  I pride myself on working with managers, employees and individuals, understanding their requirements ensuring all events, courses and coaching are tailored specifically to the audience.

My training content is compelling, insightful and uses a variety of qualifications and techniques that give real benefit to the end user, providing practical knowledge and solutions, advocating change whilst improving their well-being, motivation and performance. Anxiety and Stress Management, Confidence and Resilience flows strongly throughout all training and coaching.

I specialist in treating Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Stress, Confidence & Resilience Coaching & Training, Hypnotherapy, TimeLine, Kinetic Shift, Rewind Therapy & Mental Health First Aid trained. I am on a quest to help clients overcome blocks in their head, challenge, reinstate self-belief, improved productivity by realising workplace stress and anxiety can be beaten.

I have a particular focus on integrating therapy, coaching and training. I work with overly sensitive individuals, often millennials with unique personalities showing huge potential but have less workplace resilience and the inability to differentiate personal and professional life. Often companies work with me when employee assistance programmes have failed to deliver what they need and managers and human resources have no other path to follow.

Today, employers and employees are talking more about mental health at work than ever before. Both the media, employee assistance programmes, health care charity’s and the government are all discussing its importance, however it is not enough to make people feel safe to opening up about their struggles within the workplace, nor does it educate them on who they can talk to, how they can ask for help, and what resources are available to them. Furthermore, it doesn’t prepare managers and supervisors on how to have those delicate and sensitive conversations should an employee choose to confide in them.

Stress and anxiety is rising in the workplace, and employees aren’t always asking for help. A variety of stressors are creating challenges, such as co-worker conflicts, large workloads, social media, personal problems and the general pace of life. The inability to shut off life has caused a host of additional mental health concerns not seen before. Businesses  try to assist with  work-life balance  but don’t always know what’s happening in an employee’s personal life and how that’s affecting job performance, emotional wellbeing and decision making.

Stress, depression and anxiety led to 12.8 million working days lost last year in Great Britain. The 2018/19 Labour Force Survey also revealed 602,000 workers suffered from the condition and an average of 21.2 days were lost per business. However, it is well known these figures are hugely under reported.

This is where I fit into your organisation. My service includes a comprehensive consultation to help identify employee mental health concerns, individual wellbeing opportunities, and a comprehensive care plan for individuals and teams which include  timelines and milestones. A unique combination of coaching, therapy work and training has blended well to offer  a suite of quality products that will help you find a solution quickly and  smoothly.

A healthy mind, the ability to offload and added third party perspective, creates improved employee productivity, savings on absenteeism and an increase in profits. That’s how I ensure your employees success.

Choose an individual product or a bespoke blend of training, therapy and coaching which suits your organisational needs and objectives.

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