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About Bonita Ackerman du Preez

My name is Bonita Ackerman du Preez and I’m your qualified Registered Trauma recovery therapist based in Bedford, Bedfordshire.

I help you make changes to your personal and professional life quickly, giving you the power to deal with mental, emotional and psychological issues.

I specialise in PTSD, trauma, grief recovery, anxiety and stress management and if you are committed to change and prepared to make the effort, I am the right person to help you now. I have a friendly, deeply caring and direct approach to therapy and coaching, helping you become accountable for yourself.

I use an ‘Integrated Therapy System’ or ‘ITS’ using the best of several techniques to quickly dissipate your unwanted strong negative feelings and emotions. Once these are under control, changes happen rapidly. 

I have spent 23 years teaching and 4 years as a therapist, helping adults and children overcome fears, trauma, unhelpful and negative beliefs about themselves. Often these beliefs where created by a negative event, experience or comment from a friend, family member or colleague many years before.

There is little I’ve not heard of or dealt with and I know my clients have said I always remain calm, non-judgemental and show respect by listening.

My clients agree. I often hear “I’ve never been able to say this out loud to anyone…”, I’ve never thought my anxiety resulted from my past trauma would affect my life as it has.”

My interest in how the mind works has expanded to mental health provision and I offer a volunteer service to Bedfordshire Police. I also offer FREE workshops online where 800 people have accessed these workshops. These workshops can be booked on the workshops and events page.  I offer Mental Health First Aid and Corporate Therapy support and training to organisations and businesses.

My passion for making a difference and helping adults and children is why I do what I do now. Using my vast experience, I tailor make your therapy session using my ‘Integrated Therapy System’ or ‘ITS’ designed during my 1300 hours of therapy experience:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • EMDR
  • TimeLine Therapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Kinetic Shift
  • The Rewind Technique 
  • Performance Coaching

We are all individuals with different needs; therefore, each client will need a bespoke and different approach. My success rate is high. I resolve issues quickly and effectively often within 7 sessions, however more complicated matters will need more in-depth therapy and may require additional sessions.

My Qualifications 

What we think, we become.

— Buddha