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PTSD and Trauma Therapy in Northampton

Are you from Northampton and not sure where to turn? Mental health is increasingly cited as important, and for good reason, but what do you do once you’ve identified that you need support?


With so many different treatments out there these days, and so many generalists who cover a wide range of subjects, it can be hard to know what to look for when you’re choosing a therapist. It is essential to remember that what works well for one person may hardly make a difference to someone else, and that’s why a specialist, bespoke approach is a must. At Future-Edge Therapy, two of our specialisms are in providing PTSD therapy and Trauma therapy and counselling. If you’re based in Northampton and require either of these services, please get in touch with our team today – we can help.


Specialising in PTSD, Anxiety, Stress and Trauma Counselling and Therapy – Northampton


With that in mind, we firmly believe that our experience and understanding sets us apart from other counsellors and therapists within 20-30 miles of Bedford. Having worked with clients throughout Northamptonshire for over 10 years now, we have managed to build up a reputation as true experts in PTSD therapy, anxiety, stress, grief and trauma counselling. 



As with all matters of the mind, a specialist, tailored approach is required. This is why we have moved away from traditional ‘talk therapy’, combining an Integrated Trauma System (ITS) with a variety of bespoke, dynamic, and cutting-edge techniques. Bonita has helped so many people get their lives back on track during the 23 years she’s been in business. 


Our Northampton client base

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As we’re based in Bedford, we’re extremely easy to reach for anyone in Northampton or the surrounding areas, with great transport links. The A428 will take you pretty much all the way to us from the centre of town, while the 41 bus offers an alternative for those who prefer public transport. 


Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been working with our clients remotely including face-to-face appointments in our COVID-19 safe office. Our base in Bedford Heights offers plenty of space, free easily accessible parking and the perfect relaxing environment, where you can allow yourself to connect fully with your thoughts and feelings. We believe that is absolutely essential and have been working with all of our remote and face-to-face clients to create such safe environments for themselves.


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