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Treatments We Offer Across Bedford, Northampton & Milton Keynes

  • Emotional Trauma Therapy

  • PTSD Counselling

  • Anxiety and Stress Management

  • Fears & Phobias

  • Confidence & Resilience Coaching

  • Grief Recovery Therapy

  • Corporate Therapy

Hello and welcome. My name is Bonita the Founder and Director of Future-edge Therapy and associates and the creator of the ‘Integrated Therapy System’ or ‘ITS’.

Integrated Therapy System

This system supports you in making changes to your personal and professional life quickly, giving you the power to deal with traumatic events, grief,  failure, change, crises and challenges.

Therapy & Counselling Services

We specialise in PTSD, trauma, anxiety and stress management and if you are committed to change and prepared to make the effort, we are the right therapists to help you now. I have over 2000 hours of personal one to one trauma recovery therapy experience which has allowed me to create ‘ITS’ because I know it works. Trauma recovery is a complicated process and not one therapy on its own will help to effectively rid yourself of your symptoms, feelings and emotions. An integrated process working directly with the trauma centres in the mind is what creates the change needed for you to break through this difficult time and to recover quickly.

We also offer support to large organisations looking for specialist PTSD counselling or trauma recovery therapy and coaching. We have an extensive database of qualified and professional associate therapists covering the UK and offer sessions remotely.

We offer specialist PTSD therapy and trauma counselling to veterans and have recently joined as a service partner offering specialist PTSD recovery therapy to business partners who recruit veterans and want additional support.

Areas We Cover

We typically work with people in Bedford, Milton Keynes, and Northampton, but would encourage anyone in the Midlands/ Home Counties region to contact me for support. Read my Google reviews to put your mind at ease and contact me today for a Discovery call.

What we think, we become.

— Buddha

Years Teaching And Management Experience


As A Therapist


Plus Hours Of Therapy Work


Plus Hours Of Coaching


Anxiety & Stress

Do you want to break free from overthinking, stomach churning or tight chested with no explanation at all? Do you struggle to make decisions or feel burnt out? Let me help.

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Trauma & PTSD & Grief

Have you suffered a disturbing, distressing or frightening event? Do you feel helpless and overwhelmed from it? Do you struggle to stop thinking about it? Let me help you.

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Fears & Phobias

Does your heart start to race and you stop breathing when you need to fly, see a spider or the site of blood? Do you feel you need to run away at the thought of seeing a needle? Let me help you.

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Confidence &
Resilience Coaching

If you have lost the ability to feel your own confidence and self-esteem, I have good news for you. We can get it back!

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Benefit from a comprehensive consultation to help identify employee mental health concerns & individual wellbeing opportunities…

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& Events

I offer a range of courses & workshops to help you develop strategies to cope with Stresses, Trauma & PTSD. Find one near you.

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