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Confidence & Resilience Coaching

Have you lost your confidence, for example after having your baby, a relationship breakdown, bereavement, change in job or a bout of depression?

Do you need to speak in public and suddenly this no longer feels achievable?

Were you confident speaking to people you have only met for the first time but now it causes anxiety?

Do you feel you cannot drive long distances on your own?

Have you started a new business or venture and it all feels overwhelming?

Do you need someone to share the load, express yourself to or share your deepest feelings and emotions?

Do you need someone to help you overcome your complete or sudden lack of confidence?

If you have lost the ability to see your own confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, I have good news for you. We can get it back. Imagine what you could do or achieve if you believed in yourself again?

We have all lost our confidence or self-esteem at times. What we need to challenge is your belief around your confidence and find your trigger point. Often a loss of confidence could be a result of an emotional time in your life or your work life balance been misaligned.

How do you lose your self-confidence?

  • Doubting yourself and your capabilities – you started questioning your real value and potential and what you are really capable of achieving. Perhaps you had a set back at work or in a personal capacity? Perhaps you overheard a comment made about yourself?
  • This self-doubt leads to a negative shift in thoughts and thinking – you start to think less positively about yourself.
  • This negative shift in your thoughts and self-doubt creates a loss of self-confidence. It’s an internal process created by yourself.
  • Get feedback from colleagues, family and friends you can trust to be honest.
  • Listen to the feedback and evaluate how true/untrue it can be.
  • Think about how you feel about your loss of confidence and establish where it could have come from.
  • Is your environment eroding your confidence? Are you in the right place or space?
  • What could you learn from this experience?
  • Make a list of your past successes.
  • Could you slow down and start to evaluate and re-evaluate what you do?
  • Understand the value you provide – note these.
  • Know that failure is part of a process of improvement.

The benefits of working with me:

  • I am results-focused, which means we talk through options, agree measurable goals and work to achieve them within a set time frame
  • Each session is tailored to your specific needs with a clear outcome
  • Build confidence each session putting you back in control
  • Targeted mind set strategies for you to use at work and at home
  • Allow your subconscious mind to function on making the connections and links it needs to from the suggestions which were made during the session.
  • Work on specific skills and behaviours to keep yourself future focussed

Alongside hypnosis, I use a combination of several techniques to quickly dissipate your unwanted strongest negative feelings and emotions. Once these are under control, changes happens rapidly.

I work differently, using my skill set to move your mind and focus forward. For the brain to repair and reconnect it needs to set goals and see value in the future. Using these as my guidelines we work together to create your new direction quickly.

How long will it take?

Effective treatment usually takes between 7 sessions but in some cases could continue for some time. Sessions are one hour long and at times it may be necessary to ask to complete additional work and exercises at home to guarantee continued success.

This type of coaching can be done face-to-face or over Zoom – video conferencing software

Please note I am a fully qualified degree equivalent Personal Development Professional Coach certified by The Coaching Academy, London with Distinction and ICF – International Coaching Federation. I have also completed certification in Confidence and Resilience Coaching.

Sessions are priced as a package of  7 one-hour meetings (either in person or online) to enable a plan to be followed, greatly increasing success rates for clients. The  initial discovery call can take place either in person or over Zoom (video conferencing), the telephone or face-to-face at Bedford Heights. This ensures you get to know exactly how I work and for us both to see if we can work together. The discovery call allows you to explain exactly what you want to achieve during our work together. This is a no obligation session and not charged if you choose not to book a package. We no longer offer individually priced sessions or one-offs. However the 7 session package offers very good value for money.

Why not come and try a session and see the changes for yourself.