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Trauma & PTSD Therapist


Gary has been a Hypnotherapist for the last 6 years working with those experiencing Anxiety and Trauma.

Gary is a highly experienced and transformational therapist utilizing Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), The Kinetic Shift Technique™, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and a Solution Focused approach. He has an extraordinary understanding of human behavior drawing upon his many years serving as a Police Officer.

Having a military background, Gary has served over 18 years in the Army, worked with many people helping them get past their daily struggles. Based in Salisbury he works with clients both in-person and online. He also trains therapists in a modality known as Kinetic Shift, a therapy practice created to assist those who have experienced trauma.

In 2007 Gary’s life completely changed after a nasty car crash whilst on duty. The traumatic ‘memories’ from this and many other events rose to the surface and remained with him daily, for many years. In 2015 he went on his journey for rapid change in his life. He was introduced to complementary therapies and noticed an immediate difference. Although he is still able to recall the crash, he is no longer emotionally connected to it and the memory is now vague meaning it is no longer a factor in his daily thoughts. This change altered his life for the better, allowing him to be fully free of the thoughts and feelings that had affected his ability to enjoy life. He has since gone on to learn and practice the therapies he uses now so he can help others experience lasting change.