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Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist and Motivational Mapper

My name is Wendi, and I am qualified Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist and Motivational Mapper, based in Norfolk. I am passionate about helping people let go of limiting beliefs, old strategies, trauma, and blocks.

I had a corporate career, spanning over 30 years, but realise now that if I had let go of everything that was holding me back, my old life would have been so much more. Having carried trauma from my childhood, domestic violence and burn-out during my career, I had lost who I was supposed to be. Was I a mum, a career woman, or a wife? What about just being Wendi?

With a passion for everything mind related, in 2004 I embarked on a journey of discovery and learning. I was able to let go of those nightmares, limiting beliefs and destructive thoughts and now I help others achieve the same.

Specialist areas

Master NLP
Timeline Therapist
Motivational Mapper
IEMT (January 2022)
Qualified Life Coach
Immediate Care Process – Simon Maryan