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Working with Employees

Future-edge Therapy can offer specific counselling for employees supporting mental health in the workplace. Via our one to one or online services, we are able to provide qualified bespoke support and therapy services to assist you as a business owner, Director, Human Resources (HR) Manager or an employee, helping to move you through times of difficulty. 

More frequently we are seeing that businesses are experiencing high levels of absenteeism as Employee Wellbeing Programmes, or similar wellbeing initiatives strive to cope with or are unable to offer specialist support for employee’s past or current trauma. 

Cases that Future-edge Therapy have provided workplace services for include personal injury claims, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), bereavement, victimisation, grief, abuse, stress, depression and those subject to legal proceedings. 

We firmly believe that people need to feel ‘safe’ to be truly motivated, to seek higher goals and achieve fulfilment. After physiological needs (such as food, water, air, clothes, shelter, sleep etc.) to feel safe is the next important thing that all humans need, often at a sub-conscious level.  Safety can be interpreted (in the absence of physical abuse or war etc.) as health, personal, emotional and financial wellbeing including job security, all within a comfortable physical environment. 

If your employees are traumatised, troubled, stressed or generally feeling ‘unsafe’ due to current or past trauma, (or for any other of the matters mentioned above) even though they may not be work-related, there is an increased risk of them being absent from work. If individuals are having problems with relationships or are underperforming, they could be contributing to low morale and are possibly more likely to take out grievances against colleagues, managers or the wider business. 

Future-edge Therapy can offer a tailored combination of dedicated therapy solutions for counselling in the workplace, coupled with coaching/executive coaching to move managers and employees through difficulties or trauma that are holding them back and preventing them from reaching their goals. Our therapists are friendly, deeply caring, non-judgemental and authentic, and will build trust with the client in order to create a safe environment contributing to a respectful approach to therapy, coaching and employee counselling.

As no two people or businesses are the same, treatment and therapy packages are quoted on a case-by-case basis to meet company and individual needs, so please get in touch if our services could be of interest to you. 

Working with Future-edge Therapy are our Associate therapists, who are highly skilled qualified master therapist/coaches who can commence sessions once the requirements are established.