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Working with Legal Professionals and Clients

Future-edge Therapy can offer services to legal professionals, for example, lawyers, solicitors and their clients in providing therapy, counselling and wellbeing assistance for personal injury claims, accidents, disability, negligence, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), bereavement, victimisation, grief, abuse, stress, depression and those subject to legal or court proceedings.

Counselling Services to Assist the Legal Profession & Their Clients

Via our one-to-one or online services, we are able to provide qualified tailored therapy or counselling services to assist the legal profession and their clients, assisting with cases where there may be liability or a future claim.

The criminal and civil judicial systems are now much more conscious of mental health wellbeing and the impact that mental trauma can have on people for the rest of their lives if not dealt with effectively.

If you are a member of a legal profession you may be seeking assistance with:-

  • Client counselling for trauma
  • Referring a client to or for therapy
  • Personal injury claims rehabilitation therapy, counselling and wellbeing

Support For Your Clients

Clients seeking legal aid or going through the court and legal process may be experiencing distress. This can lead to tensions, worries, anxieties and issues arising within the individual and with their family unit or even spill out into their work environment.

Some of the reasons your client(s) may be experiencing distress or in need of therapy include bereavement and grief, divorce, financial difficulties, personal injury claims, unfair dismissal from their job, and more.

During a difficult and tumultuous or transitional period, many clients can benefit from emotional support, guidance, therapy or counselling. At Future-Edge Therapy, we provide a range of services to help support your clients through challenging life events, equipping them with the tools to help deal with the experience.

Refer your clients to us; we offer a free initial consultation service to assess the help they need and provide the right care.

At Future-edge Therapy our therapists are friendly, deeply caring, non-judgemental and authentic, and will build trust with clients in order to create a safe environment contributing to a respectful approach to therapy, coaching and counselling on behalf of legal professionals.

Future-edge Therapy has provided professional bespoke coaching and therapy nationwide to corporate and public service organisations to assist them in working through issues that can affect employees both in the workplace and their personal lives. There are some case studies below that outlines some of the organisations we have worked with.

Case Studies

Emergency Service Organisations and Housing Associations 

Due to the nature of the work of these public service providers, which have included emergency services and social housing provision personnel, the employees required further support in dealing with specific trauma-related incidents.

Frequently we found that the support offered ‘in-house’ by organisations was not experienced, precise, specialised or available enough to deal with the complex trauma or even PTSD matters faced by their staff. This led to senior managers and HR within those organisations seeking additional help externally, which we were able to provide through our network of highly trained and qualified therapists.

Some of the issues experienced by employees, which have been addressed by our therapists, include:-

  • Observing and dealing with deceased persons and their family members in distressing circumstances 
  • A build up over time of stressful events, such as witnessing or dealing with many traumatic incidents 
  • Changes in personal circumstances e.g. marriage break-up, issues with children putting strain on their work performance and relationships
  • Managers and supervisors experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety due to an increase in workloads through higher demand with less resources available, in a high-risk environment so that they are unable to cope with the pressure of work.
  • Employees who have become part of a police investigation and need support with managing the stress/anxiety and trauma in dealing with the court case. In these situations, staff are often absent from the work for many weeks or even months. 
  • Cultural differences, understanding diversity and relationships within their own teams or with managers/supervisors.

International Accounting Businesses 

In any large company which involves a high number of employees, there will be times where relationships between parties break down or employees believe that they may have been treated unfairly. 

Future-edge Therapy has supported staff who have been through significant difficulties such as the trauma faced by alleged bullying, employee tribunals and general stress/anxiety in the workplace. 

Some of the issues experienced include:

  • Teams that were subject to a restructure and had redundancy notifications 
  • Staff members that participated in an employee tribunal to resolve alleged unfairness and discrimination 
  • Directors managing a second major restructure within the same year causing high levels anxiety and stress levels at work and at home.
  • Staff not being able to maintain a work and personal life balance.  

Other Small and Medium- Sized Enterprises 

Future-edge Therapy has supported small and medium sized enterprises (SME) for the following cases:

  • Business’s employee where the staff member was the victim of a serious assault. 
  • An employee who was misdiagnosed with a disease which left them fighting for their life 
  • A manager feeling overwhelmed and worried about the current financial climate and how Covid could affect their business in future
  • Employees participating in meetings and delivering presentations
  • Staff having a physical or mental disability


In each of the circumstances described above for the corporate businesses and organisations we worked with, our therapists utilised a number of bespoke techniques and systems to seek to resolve the anxiety and stress brought on by each of those individual traumas. This was supported, in addition to finding the underlying cause if it wasn’t immediately obvious, with the teaching of the techniques to enable the person to better manage their symptoms.

Where relevant the therapist would become a neutral ‘ear’ utilising NLP techniques to assist the individual look at situations differently. Other coaching techniques are combined with traditional therapy and counselling to specifically address the challenges presented. These techniques would include the below as appropriate for each situation:

  • Hypnotherapy 
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprogramming (EMDR) 
  • Brainspotting Therapy
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT)
  • TimeLine Therapy 
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Kinetic Shift 
  • The Rewind Technique 
  • Performance Coaching

Frequently the therapist becomes a buffer between the employee and work which provides an element of space and objectivity. Managers and employees who felt they have been subjected to bullying, required a combination of therapy for the trauma, counselling and coaching so they were listened to and able to manage their role within a team or work with new people. It is important that open conversations can take place that empowers the employee to make the right decision in a confidential and unbiased way.

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