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Nutritional Coach


Claudia is a Nutritional Therapist and Eating Psychology Coach with over 14 years of clinical experience.

Claudia is an experienced speaker and lecturer at BCNH, The British College of Nutrition & Health, and the Nutritional Healing Foundation. She is delighted to be on the Goldster team specializing in anti-aging, running online nutrition classes for the over 55’s.

Claudia works with clients with a wide range of health concerns at the College Clinic, Gibraltar’s leading private medical clinic. She also has a thriving online clinic supporting people from all around the world. Over the years, she has developed a special interest in women’s health, balancing hormones, and helping women transform their relationship with food and body.

She first learned about nutrition when she was put on medication for high blood pressure in her 20’s. She thought there had to be another way to manage her health. She’s very grateful for the experience because it led her into the field of nutrition where she is now free from medication and manages her blood pressure naturally. She graduated from BCNH, the British College of Nutrition & Health with Distinction in 2006.

She has developed a unique nutritional and psychological approach using cutting-edge strategies to help women lose weight and be free from unwanted eating patterns such as binge eating, overeating, and yo-yo dieting.