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Trauma & PTSD Therapist


Jones started studying psychology, body language, and human behaviour as a hobby over 16 years ago. This interest led him to therapy. He qualified as a Hypnotherapist around 2012, from there he has gone on to study many other subjects and therapy approaches. In the last 4 years, he has started specialising in Trauma/PTSD. Two of his favourite lecturers are Dr. Bessel Van Der Kolk and Dr. Peter Levine who discuss the latest understandings of Trauma and the psychology, neuroscience, and physical aspects of trauma as well as ways to address it.

Other specialist skills of Jones Simon include pain management, stress relief, and helping people overcome fears and phobias. He has experience of helping people from many walks of life with Trauma and even has current clients from a military background, that are undergoing treatment for Trauma. He has also been a therapist trainer, working with other therapists and coaches teaching students or assisting in various courses, from being an associate trainer of Kinetic Shift, to training people in NLP techniques, to supporting qualified trainers in EMDR. He has also taken part in public speaking and demonstrations, to showcase the benefits of therapy and to help educate the general public.