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Matthew is a fully qualified & insured full time Hypnotherapist, who understands stress, anxiety and how our sub-conscious mind works for and against all. He specialises in Stress, Anxiety & Trauma.

Fully qualified and insured hypnotherapist, based in Aldershot and surrounding areas. He gained his Hypnotherapy Diploma through the UK Hypnosis Academy, where he is also an associate trainer/assessor.

In understanding individuality, he was trained under various world lead trainers in Hypnotherapy and qualified in a range of techniques, so he can deliver a service that is right & best for you.

Confidentiality is paramount and your time is precious. We will deal with the issues as quickly, safely and practicably as possible for you.

He specialises in Stress, Anxiety and Trauma. He can also help you in many other areas, such as Pain Management, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Confidence Building, Exam stress, Personal Performance, Fears, Phobias and Worry.